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Related post: Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2010 20:37:41 -0400 From: J H Subject: Orphan's new life-5 Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. It is not based on any person or persons living list xxx preteen or dead. If you are not 18 years old or should not be reading interracial preteen nudists this, then stop reading shock preteen nudist it.I welcome any feedback. Please keep any negative feedback constructive. No flames. Well, 3PM rolled around on Friday and it was time to go to on my weekend excursion nn preteen bj with Gabrielle. I had been so worked top preteen links up over this over the course of my day that the moment I saw her I wanted to climb into the backseat with her and fuck her like a preteen cuban girls wild animal. It did not go unnoticed by Gabrielle. "It looks like your cock is aching for relief" she said with a smile. "Yeah, it's been hard to concentrate all day thinking about this trip. naked preteen butt How long a drive is it?" "It's about an hour and a half but don't worry, I know a secluded little spot we can pull off into to relieve ourselves. Trust me, it's not just you." "So what is this surprise 16 preteens porn you got planned for me?" I asked her. "Ah, little ladyboys preteen ah, ah." She scolded, "You'll have to wait until we get nude preteenz movies there. The materials needed to make for a particularly fun weekend with my teenage lover are in a cooler in the trunk." We were riding for about 20 minutes when ls sorority preteen she free preteen pixs turned into a rest area that oddly enough looked deserted. "This is a danish preteen pics quiet place that Keith and I have stopped when we needed to sexually relieve ourselves. Joe and Jill have used it with us as well." She grabbed a blanket from the back seat and we headed over to a small clearing behind some trees where she laid the blanket down. We both laid down on it and we leaned into each other for a kiss. The quick kiss became several and before we knew it we had our hands all over each other. I grabbed the bottom of the sundress art preteen naturists she was wearing and pulled it up over her head to reveal her naked body. Obviously she didn't feel the need to wear any underwear today. She then started to undress me and when she got down to my underwear preteen rape boy she paused so she could stroke my cock through my briefs. It felt really nice but I couldn't let that get me too worked up. If I was going to cum I wanted it to be inside her sexy shaved pussy. Gabrielle saw the preteen blowjob 12 look of tension on my face and pulled my briefs down my legs and off of me thus setting my hard-on free. "I don't think we need to bother with any foreplay now. We'll save that for the weekend." She got on top of me preteen nudes nymphs and situated herself so that my cock slid into her. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her ass into me like I was ring preteen doing with Jill earlier in the week. She picked up where our kiss left off, shoving her tongue as far down my throat as possible. I responded in kind with my tongue and made passionate love for about a good ten minutes before I felt the nice warm pressure on chill preteen erotica my cock that began dripping off of my body indicating that she had just had an intense climax. I felt about six more power squirts to go with her increased moaning before I began to shoot my load. I wrapped my arms around and we kissed long and hard while I shot about 7 long squirts of cum into her hot cunt. I smiled up at her and pulled a few strands of her gorgeous red hair out of her face. "It feels better and better every time we fuck." She told me. "I suppose we better get back on preteen cuties nude the road so we can get there and start enjoying each other's bodies some more." I told her. "Yes, that would be best. Besides, japan preteen girls I can't wait to show you my surprise." We got dressed, folded up the blanket, and went back to the car with no one being preteens asian video the wiser. We were riding in the car for a little over an hour before we had reached our destination. I think I preteen preteen nymphet might have dozed off for a short while during the ride. We reached the cabin and I asked her if it would spoil the surprise if I helped carry anything in. "No, you can carry the cooler in sweet preteen stories as long as you don't look inside of it. After you get it preteens puberty inside, I want you to go lie down on the couch for preteen polish models a while so I can get things ready. I would have you tiny angles preteen lie down in the bedroom but there is stuff I need to get ready in there as well." I lied down on the couch and saw a photo album lying on the coffee table in front of the couch. I opened it up and started flipping through it. After the first couple pages, my cock just about ripped a hole in my shorts trying to get out. I saw pictures of Gabrielle and preteen nude tour Keith completely nude and fucking themselves silly. I preteen sexis wondered who they had entrusted to take these pictures when about two or three pages later I saw pictures of Joe and Jill with them in a taivan preteen daisy chain pleasuring one another. All of the pictures looked like they had been taken here at the cabin. A few pages later I also saw Ian and Kristi with the four of them. A lot of these pictures were a few years old so I only preteen porno uncensored saw a couple with Brandi and they were only double prints of pictures Joe and I had taken of her and Jill at home. One picture that made me hot was one of Ian taking a load in the face from Keith. I started rubbing my cock through my shorts and just about jumped out of my skin when I heard Gabrielle behind me. "Go ahead and jack off and take a nap. I'll be a while longer and I'm sure you'll have no problem getting hard again for me, Sweetie. Just don't get any on the album." I didn't need to indi preteen models be told twice. I pulled my cock out of my briefs and decided that since we were behind closed doors, I might as well get naked. After disrobing I lied down on the couch again and looked at a particularly hot picture of Gabrielle and Kristi in a 69. I focused on that one imagining Gabrielle then turning her attention to my cock. I wrapped my hand around my cock and started pumping it. I went faster and faster until finally I unloaded all over myself, even getting a couple squirts as far as my face. "That looks yummy." Gabrielle said to me. She had forgone her sundress for bikini underwear. She walked over to me and knelt down so she could lick the cum off of my chest and face. "Put your briefs back on. It's part of what we're going to be doing later. Believe me, you'll find it sexy." I put my briefs back on and lied back on the couch again and took a nap for about 40 uncensored sex preteen minutes. I woke up to seeing Gabrielle standing over me gently stroking her fingers back and forth across my arm. "Wake up sleepy head, it's time for some fun." As she pulled me up off the couch and led me by the hand into the bedroom. When I stepped inside I saw that the mattress and bottom sheet had been encased in a preteen ls home plastic cover as had the bedspread and pillows. I was curious as preteen art babes to why when I saw on the nightstands cute preteen breasts on each preteen art magazines side of the bed several preteens free galleryes cans of whipped cream and a bowl. Inside the bowls was chocolate fudge pudding. "Wow, that's kinky!" "Yeah, well I like to be different. I tried it once with Keith and petite nude preteen found it quite hot. Come on, let's go to bed." She pulled me towards her where preteen naked modeling we kissed again and then we both fell onto the bed while continuing to kiss and pet each other. Then Gabrielle reached over to the bowl on the nightstand next to her and picked it up. The bowl was filled to the top with the pudding. Gabrielle preteen sites photo then stuck her hand into the bowl and scooped out a handful. With the other hand she lifted the waistband of preteens nude gymnastic my briefs and stuffed the pudding preteen image links down my shorts. The pudding felt cool against the skin of my cock. She then grabbed a can of thai hardcore preteen whipped cream and squirted some young preteen nymphs down my briefs and then massaged my cock and balls from the outside of my briefs squishing the mixture together inside my briefs. It felt so nice the way she massaged me in combination with preteen model jeans the coolness of the pudding and whipped cream. older preteens toplist I took the cue from her and scooped some pudding and spread on her tits which I then rubbed all over them before taking some whipped cream and spraying some on her tits around the bikini top. I then grabbed another handful and stuffed it down her panties followed by some whipped cream and massaged it in to her skin through her panties "Ooh Scott, that feels so good. But now I think it's time the underwear young preteen supermodels came off." She pulled my briefs that were now saturated with pudding and whipped cream, down my leg and off completely which I preteen pantyhose model followed with by taking her top off. I then stuck my mouth on her tits and licked the pudding and whipped cream from her tits. I then kissed my naked preteen heaven way down her front before pulling her panties off. Gabrielle then grabbed the entire bowl (a rather large bowl at that) and dumped it on my stomach just above my crotch and then started spreading it all pthc preteen cp over my body. I was instantly hard from what she was doing to me. She stopped just below my neck and began kissing me again. I picked up preteen sisters masturbating the bowl next to me and started pouring it out all over her tits all the way down to her pussy. Once I had emptied the bowl all over her luscious body, I began squirting whipped cream in strategic places, particularly a small mound on both of her tits and a larger mound on her pussy. I started to lick some of it off of her just exotic stories preteens for a taste. We continued preteens porno galleries kissing again and rubbing preteen polish girl our bodies together. "Oh Scott, I want to fuck now that we're so creamy." She had me climb on top of her and position my cock at her opening. All the while gobs of pudding and whipped cream were dripping off of me. I pushed in and heard a satisfying squishing noise of my cock pushing the mess into her hole. The feeling of my cock squishing around inside her felt great. I'm fuking with preteens pretty panty pics preteen sure she was enjoying it as well. I had started out slow so I could enjoy the feeling but began babes preteen only to speed up quickly and soon had my hands on her shoulders and was humping her for all I was worth. "Oh yes, Scott, fuck me, fuck me hard. I want to feel your creamy cock in preteen model pic me." "Oh yes Gabrielle, I'm cumming!" I let loose and shot my load nudism preteenz into her. Several blasts unloaded into her and I continued squishing around inside her. I then moved down her front kissing and licking the strategic sensitive areas until I got to her pussy, now messy with all of the pudding and whipped cream smeared all over her. I wanted to taste my cum mixed with the pudding and whipped cream. preteen paysites nude I dove in and started lapping at pussy trying to get my preteenage girls feet tongue deeper and deeper into her cunt. I finally saw a little bit of it and began lapping it up. "Oh Scott, you're going to make me cum again!" "That's the idea, my lovely milf!" "Oh yes, keep preteens models free licking. Fuck me with your tongue!" I decided I really wanted her to cum a second time and the best way for that to happen was to preteen being fucked stimulate her clit. I flicked my preteennude models top tongue back and forth across her clit until I heard pre teen photo her scream and was then blasted by a mixture of pussy juice, pudding, and whipped cream. I moved back up her body kissing the same spots again and continued nuzzling her neck. We started to kiss again making our faces as messy as our bodies were. "Wow, you are a kinky slut for coming up with that surprise." "Thanks, I love to please my man." "Shouldn't videos de preteen that be men?" "Yeah, I suppose that's true. Although I would like to talk to you about something along those lines." "What would that be?" She shifted so I was lying on my back and she was on her side next to me holding me and caressing me. "I first preteen studio angel preteen fuck models want to say that since you were adopted by Kristi and Ian I've become extremely attracted to you. More so than anyone in our orgy group. On top of that, I think I'm falling in love with you." "Yes, I think the same of you. Ever since I first saw you I wanted to spend time with you every day. More than any other person we've been fucking. There's something about you that makes me cum harder and longer every time we fuck and I love that. My concern is what about Keith?" "I'm kind of surprised you feel the need to ask that. little preteens modles You know Keith is fine with us being together. He's even said so. I'll always love him no matter naughter preteen girls what and he'll always love me but from the time we were arranged to be together we knew it was all about sex. We big preteen titties both realize that and accept that. The fact forum preteen feet that we had two beautiful kids together is proof that we love each other. Even though our love is very sexual as well, I feel that there is more to it. It's like how you said you want to be with me every day. That's how I feel about you as well. I need to be with you every day. On that note, I want to have another baby...with you." "Wow, that's a lot to take in. I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a father yet. uncensored naked preteens What will I do about school?" "All you have to do is show our child the same love you show me. As far as taking care of a baby, I have two kids worth of experience in 16yo legal preteen that matter and there is always help that can be had from our "friends". I'm sure that you preteen boys cumshot will be a great father just as you are a great lover. There is only one thing I really want beforehand and that is for us to go through the fertility rite." "What is that?" I asked, playing stupid since I had already heard what it hairless small preteenn was about. "Well, the first part of it is exactly like the first stage of your initiation. You and I will be bound like you and Brandi were and the group will preteen swimsuit tgp masturbate all over us. Then they do it again while we're fucking. The next part involves the two of us being innocent little preteen locked in a bedroom for a week during which we fuck our brains out. nn preteen paradise Granted, all that fucking that we'll end up doing has preteen bbs magazine to end with you cumming in my pussy. I know it may seem symbolic but the "magic" of the rite has always worked when this happens. After that we just have to have sex with each other every day until the child is preteen free naked initiated or declines." "OK, I free preteen nonude have to be honest. I sort of knew this. Joe overheard you talking with Keith about this last week. He pretty much told me how this worked, except for the part about me always cumming in your pussy during that week in lockdown. I found it so erotic nasty preteen nudes I wanted to hear it again." "I know you heard it, Sweetie. Jill asked me about it a couple days ago after you told her. I asked her not to say anything because, like you, I enjoy telling it. I nn professional preteens knew it would get me wet and was pretty certain it would hot preteens lia get you preteen gallery japan hard again. Yep, sure enough, you're hard as a rock." She told me. "Shall we get it on again then?" "Actually, I want to suck you off. Since you ate me out with the all the creamy mess, I preteen russians figure that I should get my creamy treat." "My cock is all yours." Gabrielle stuck her hand in the creamy mess preteen boy dick all over her crotch and put her hand around my cock so that the forced feminization preteen thumb and index finger circled the base of my cock. She then began planting little kisses all over the head of my cock and down the underside of my shaft. She then popped the head of my cock into her mouth and began to suck stopping only long enough to swab her tongue all over my cock head. She followed nude preteen post teen sex preteens this up by going preteen video illegal down on me. pre teens putitas She took my cock all the way down her throat. She preteen g models had sucked me before but had never preteens almost naked deep-throated me. She then came back up and began sucking on the soft spot on the underside of my shaft just below the head. I always loved getting sucked off like this. It had me cumming in no time. Just like before, it was only a few more seconds after she started to go down on me that I blasted several jets of cum into her mouth. She pulled it out of her mouth as several more blasts splattered her face and ran down her cheek. She looked so hot like that, making me pull her back up to my face for a passionate kiss. "Mmm, so creamy and yummy. I love sucking your cock. It's always so fun wearing a mask of your cum." "I assure you; I enjoyed it just as much." "Oh about what you said earlier, I would be more than happy and honored preteen nudes swimming to knock you up." "I love it when you make it sound so dirty. Thank you. I am certain that we are going preteen japanese schoolgirl to be a happy family. A really big extended family will make us even happier." "Yes, I think we will be happy together, my sexy soul mate." We lay in bed and made out preteen panty sluts for a while. The preteen pics blog weekend was pretty much more of what went on that first evening. We fucked and sucked a lot. There was plenty of ass play as well for each of us. We agreed to go through the rite and would start making plans for when we could take a week off to do the ritual. However, that will be covered in the next chapter. -More to come
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